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Foxy Lady Project - Das ultimative Gitarrenbuch

If you’re looking for the ultimate guitar photo books, you need look no further than the Foxy Lady Project; a new limited-edition volume that features life-size photographs of 61 different classic guitars.
The project came about when photographer Maxime Ruiz made a life-size blowup of a photo of a guitar that he’d taken. Ruiz and his colleague Gilles Devicq, a -based image marketer, were impressed at how visually striking it was. At first they thought they’d do a series of posters but eventually they decided to do a book. Thus began a project in which by appealing to collectors and players in , Paris and the , Ruiz was able to shoot 110 of the world’s most classic and iconic guitars; including the - and his father using wood from an 18th-century mantel.
Among the other subjects in the book, you’ll find a 1958 , a 1965 Stratocaster, and even a Selmer played by , that was shot under the watchful eye of four white-gloved guards at the Musee de la Musique in Paris. Ruiz shot the guitars with a vintage German camera and a large format lens; giving the images a striking, hyper-real quality that makes them leap from their white background.
The book weighs 26 pounds, is 43 inches tall, and 18.5 inches wide. No need to go out and buy a bigger coffee table however, as the Foxy Lady Project was designed to be leaned up against the wall. But before you put the FLP on the Xmas list for all the guitarists in your family, you should note that the book is part of a limited series of 2,500.

Preis: EUR 675,00 plus Versandkosten